Centro Resinatura Blocchi 

Technology, passion and reliability. Centro Resinatura Blocchi is that and much more.

An excellent landmark company in Versilia and Tuscany for the restoration of marble and granite blocks.

Founded in 2003, the company has many years of experience in the stone industry; it has evolved over the years thanks to the development and consolidation of new highly specialised techniques for the processing of each specific material and advanced solutions to reduce waste of time and materials.

A mix of passion for work and technological innovation is what unites and strengthens our team, that is composed entirely of professionals who have worked with us for years. Expertise, know-how and technical skills is what each of us guarantees every day for your precious materials.

Our mission is the restoration of marble and granite blocks with defects or other issues, in order to facilitate the sawing process.

Thanks to the various types of polishing services we offer, we guarantee the safety of your materials during their movement but especially during sawing; this is the riskiest phase for both the technicians who operate the machines and the blocks, as any loss of material, albeit partial, can result in a greater economic loss.

All our polishing processes use innovative and highly technological systems, most of which have been designed directly by our company. In addition, we guarantee a quick turnround time that ensures the blocks improved safety, reducing to zero any problem that could arise in the subsequent phases of the processing.

Thanks to the professionalism of the staff, we at Centro Resinatura Blocchi are experiencing a constant growth, we have improved our work year after year to offer our customers an all-round service and have become a leader in the restoration of stone blocks in Northern Tuscany.

Our Services

The sawing of the blocks, whether defective or not, is a delicate phase that involves high risks both for the technicians who work close to the machines and the materials. Full or partial waste of the material represents a serious economic loss, not considering recovery time and additional costs for the disposal.

Therefore, it is our primary objective to obtain all possible slabs in the sawing phase, without any waste.


Filling in crack with resin is a foolproof system to ensure the safety of marble blocks at every stage of the processing. We offer various types of polishing techniques that use innovative and technological systems specifically designed for each material and guarantee innovation, speed, safely and zero waste. The reinforcement offered by the resin gives it an added value as blocks are turned into slabs and immediately put on the market.



Before sawing, the block is covered on 4 sides with an economic sheet.



An innovative process designed directly by our company.

Before sawing, the block is covered on 4 sides; this special type of coating donates the block exceptional resistance.



A manufacturing process in which marble blocks are encased in a Canadian plywood box filled with epoxy resin.

We are the only company to offer this processing technique in Northern Tuscany and Versilia.


Our Selling Points

Speed – Innovation – Reliability – Safety – Zero waste

Speed: Fast processing times to always ensure the highest quality standards. We can come to your home or work at our plants and guarantee the completion of our work within 24 hours.

Innovation: We use highly specialised equipment and the most advanced materials (epoxy resins, composite fibres) designed and tested in many years of experience. We rely on the support of technicians who constantly carry out research and tests in order to promptly update the materials we use and treat.


Reliability: All our staff is able to provide all kinds of qualified technical assistance. We will take care of your materials with our exclusive systems throughout all processing phases. Our clients can count on prompt and continuous assistance to always get the best results.


Safety: All our employees and technicians work in full compliance with work safety and accident prevention regulations. We deal directly with the disposal of special waste and we make sure that it is done in compliance with all applicable environmental laws.


Zero waste: Our goal is to have zero waste, avoiding unnecessary waste with 100% recovery of the materials.

Greater Assistance for greater savings

Centro Resinatura Blocchi provides its regular clients with an additional processing service, installing in the area of the customer's company a structure designed to provide immediate support for on-site polishing of the block, in compliance with all applicable regulations. This service further optimises processing times and costs.


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